Join Naturopath Yuwa Aghedo and the Sust! team for this 3-night 'Happy Gut' health retreat in North Devon. We have an incredible retreat programme in store for you....hiking, yoga, Pilates, resistance training, cold water immersion, a mouth-watering menu....plus expert talks and practical workshops focused on gut health and digestive wellness!
29th September-2nd October 2023
Lynton, Devon, UK
Guest House
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3 nights
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Yuwa, Natalie, Lesley, Steve,


£595 for a Luxury twin ensuite

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Sust! Health is excited to welcome Naturopath YUWA AGHEDO to impart her wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the field of gut health and digestive wellness.

The often quoted ‘ALL HEALTH BEGINS IN THE GUT’ is the focus of this event as Yuwa will immerse us into fascinating world of the gut microbiome through a mini-series of talks and workshops. Get ready to learn not only the science behind the pivotal role the gut plays in almost every facet of health, but also how to practically apply this knowledge by making your own gut-friendly foods and drinks! This event will empower you to preserve and support the health of your gut everyday in your own kitchen 🙂

Sust! Cultured vegetables

Following the Fit, Flow, Fuel structure offered at Sust!, the daily programme includes not only informative nutrition talks and workshops, but includes a full timetable of fitness and yoga classes, beautiful hikes within Exmoor National Park, and cold water immersion in Natural swim spots along the Devon coast. Fuelling these activities will be a locally sourced, nutrient-dense, gut-supportive menu, providing your body with ALL essential nutrients to thrive and buzzing with energy.

This retreat will take place at Woodlands Guesthouse from Friday 29th September to Monday 2nd October. Woodlands Guesthouse is an imposing Victorian guesthouse overlooking the West Lyn Valley situated a short stroll away from the village of Lynton. There is an onsite Infrared Sauna and hot-tub, and each room has an ensuite bathroom, providing a peaceful haven to retreat and relax.


Yuwa is a Naturopath, Nutritional therapist and herbalist with a special interest in gut health, cognitive health and women’s health.

From a young age, Yuwa was captivated by plants and valued health as an aid to athletic performance. Yuwa is fuelled by a passion to see transformation arise in the lives of the individuals and groups that she works with, believing that knowledge, self-empowerment and transformation in one area can have profound ripple effects throughout many other areas of life.

In clinical practice, she is committed to assisting her clients to improve their health, energy and overall well-being through simple, sustainable choices. 

As an experienced lecturer and speaker, Yuwa is known for her ability to make complex material understandable and enjoyable.

She consistently engages in professional functional medicine training to continuously develop in her specialist areas of hormonal, reproductive and digestive health along with lifestyle medicine.

The Sust! ‘Happy Gut’ retreat is an exciting opportunity to learn from Yuwas diverse knowledge of the gut microbiome and how ancient, healing foods and traditional food preparation methods can vastly impact digestive wellness and overall health.


Natalie is a yoga, pilates, and fitness instructor based in North Devon and the owner and founder of Sust! Health Retreats. She has enjoyed an extensive career in the health retreat industry both as a teacher and manager and she is dedicated to motivate, inspire, and educate people through unique and exceptional health retreat programmes based within Exmoor National Park.

Natalie will be hosting this event alongside Yuwa and can’t wait to share her passion for movement and nutrition during this exciting event.


Lesley is a qualified cold water therapist and educator. Her passion for cold water dipping has lead her to research deeply into the topic and she enjoys sharing this knowledge and personally coaching small groups in and around Exmoor National Park at her favourite wild swim spots. Lesley is also a Nordic Walking instructor, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness teacher.



Steve is a chef and the owner of Woodlands Guesthouse. You will find him beavering away in the kitchen for days prior to the retreat simmering bone broth, slow-cooking stews and soups, dehydrating nuts, seeds and crackers, and sourcing the very best produce from UK farms that form the basis of the SUST! food ethos. 


October is a wonderful time to visit North Devon and enjoy the specular Autumn colours within Exmoor National Park at this time of year. We have some magnificent guided hikes in store for you that take in the best of the South West Coast Path and National Trust hiking trails. Hikes will typically be 3-4 hours long (they are worth it!) and between 5-9 miles depending on the option you choose. 

Wooded valleys
Tea break!


The morning classes are all about getting your muscles pumping and your body moving. Resistance training (the fun way) using mini-resistance bands (and good music!) will prime your muscles and your metabolism for the rest of the day. Dynamic yoga or Pilates will follow to further awaken, strengthen, and stretch the body…the perfect way to work up an appetite for a protein-packed, health-promoting brunch 😉 

The day will typically draw to a close with a restorative yoga class to facilitate profound relaxation, restorative stretching and deep rest.

Pilates flow
Restorative Yoga


Cold water immersion in secret swim spots along the North Devon Coast will take your breath away (in the best possible way). Nature is at the heart of the Sust! experience so if you are a lover of rivers and the sea, and you are open-minded about trying cold water immersion, then this weekend provides a brilliant opportunity for beginners and seasoned cold dippers alike, to reap the many benefits of this practice in a supportive and safe environment. Be warned….you might become addicted!!


Prepare to have your socks blown off with a nutrient-packed, seasonal menu showcasing local Devon produce. The Sust! menu proudly provides quality dietary protein to stabilise blood sugar, support gut health and facilitate muscle protein synthesis. Ethically sourced seafood, meat, eggs and dairy will feature in most meals, in addition to fibre-packed, seasonal vegetables and fermented foods to further promote digestive health. Vegans and vegetarians will be delighted as our fully plant-based menu is equally satisfying and delicious.


Yuwa will give a series of talks and practical workshops throughout the weekend to impart the basics of gut health and digestive wellness. We will learn how the Gut is the epicentre of overall health and well-being and how damage to the gut wall and/or imbalances in the gut microbiome can be addressed through targeted nutrition, food preparation techniques, fermented foods, and lifestyle factors. The friendly, supportive environment created by Yuwa during the group sessions is conducive to learning and asking questions.

Lets not forget to mention that you will also have the opportunity to learn how to make simple and powerful gut-friendly foods such as kimchi, kefir, and collagen smoothies!


Travel direct in your own car and park onsite, or if you prefer to take the train, Woodlands Guesthouse is a 40 minute taxi ride from Barnstaple Station, or 75 minute taxi ride from Tiverton Parkway. We do our best to connect guests travelling by train to facilitate taxi-sharing.



  • 3 nights’ accommodation at Woodlands Guesthouse
  • 2 x 5-8 mile guided hikes in Exmoor National Park (short options available)
  • 2 x multiple course, nutritious meals a day using local Farm produce.
  • Hiking snacks, fruit, tea station and coffee pod machine
  • Daily resistance training with the mini-bands
  • Daily yoga flow and/or Pilates restorative yoga classes
  • Restorative yoga
  • Daily gut-health talks and practical workshops
  • Cold Dipping Immersion talk and 1 x practical session per day in the river or sea.
  • Use of onsite Infrared Sauna and hot-tub


  • 8-8.45am Body Sculpt
  • 8.45-9.30am: Yoga flow
  • 10.30: Breakfast
  • 11.15-12.15: Gut health workshop
  • 12.30-4pm: Hike and wild swim.
  • 4-5pm: Restorative Yoga
  • 6pm: Dinner
  • 7-8pm Gut health Talk
  • 8-9pm: Evening saunas/ hot tub

The retreat begins on Friday at 3pm (arrivals from 2pm) and will kick off straight away! The programme runs until 11am on Monday morning 🙂


Luxury Twin or King Room- Ensuite Bathroom

  • Twin or Double share £595 per person
  • Single occupancy £1090
  • Perfect for friends or couples

Luxury Queen Bed with Bath tub

  • Double share £595 per person
  • Single occupancy £1090
  • Perfect for couples or someone wishing to have a room to themselves

Standard Small Double Room at Woodland Guesthouse -Ensuite Bathroom

  • Double share: £375 per person
  • Single occupancy: £650
  • Perfect for a couple or someone wishing to have a room to themselves
  • ***1 AVAILABLE***

Standard Medium Double Room at Woodland Guesthouse -Ensuite Bathroom

  • Double share: £425 per person
  • Single occupancy: £750
  • Perfect for a couple or someone wishing to have a room to themselves
  • ***1 AVAILABLE***


This weekend retreat caters for ALL ages and ALL fitness levels and is perfect for both men and women. All activities are optional so please do not feel intimidated by the amount of exercise!

If you are curious to understand more about gut health and be inspired by the power of nutrition and probiotic foods, then don’t hesitate to join us on this fabulous health retreat guaranteed to leave you energised, educated, nourished and with a very HAPPY GUT!

Get your GUT Sust!!