We are thrilled to announce our 5-night ‘Sustainable Fat-loss Retreat’! Get ready for an exhilarating retreat experience where cutting-edge science meets practical and enjoyable diet, exercise, and lifestyle strategies. This empowering retreat will supercharge your mind and body, launching you on an exciting journey to sustainable fat loss!
12th-17th October 2024
Lynton, Devon, UK
Guest House
Length of Retreat:
5 nights
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Your hosts:

Natalie, Lesley, Steve, Beth


£875 for a Luxury ensuite twin share

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If you are stuck in a rut with your body composition and you are walking around with ‘above average’ levels of body fat, then the chances are, your health, confidence and quality of life are suffering as a result. 

Did you know that excess body fat, especially ‘visceral’ fat (belly fat) is especially problematic because it is associated with a cluster of unfavourable metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, poor blood sugar control, high triglycerides and oxidative stress. Belly fat is an active endocrine organ that secretes hormones and creates whole body inflammation. Chronic inflammation sets the stage for the worst chronic diseases of our time such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and dementia.

Sust! Health Retreats are beyond excited to introduce our revolutionary ‘5-night Sustainable Fat-Loss retreat’ to help you reclaim your health and kick-start you on a path to achieve and maintain a body composition that you LOVE.

This empowering retreat is a truly immersive experience, with a strong focus on education and practical application. It’s the perfect launchpad to achieve transformative diet and lifestyle shifts that will change your life forever. Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of sustainable fat loss!

This extended 5-night retreat will take place at our awesome retreat venue in beautiful North Devon, where guests will spend 5-nights and 4-full days following the tried and tested ‘Sust!ainable Fat Loss Method’ involving a powerful combination of the following: 

  • A delicious, nutrient-dense menu specifically designed for fat loss
  • Resistance Training using accessible ‘home-friendly’ gym equipment. 
  • HIIT on the mini-rebounders to maximise results whilst protecting the joints.  
  • Hiking in stunning scenery in and around Exmoor National Park and the South West Coast Path.
  • Cold water immersion in hidden, wild dipping spots. 
  • Rest, relaxation and stress relief with structured ‘down time’ and restorative yoga. 
  • Detox-supportive therapies such as Infrared sauna, optimised hydration, massage therapy, and caster-oil packs.  
  • Circadian rhythm optimisation to optimise sleep, recovery and fat burning.  
  • Mindset strategies for long-term success
  • Education– understand the what, why’s and how’s of body composition and how to approach fat loss sustainably in the real world!  
  • Practical tools– learn how to measure and track your body composition. 
  • Food demonstrations– learn some fun fat-loss recipes to replace old temptations.  

This phenomenal retreat boasts luxury ensuite accommodation in the picturesque village of Lynton, nestled within the majestic Exmoor National Park, surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of the North Devon Coast.

Save the Date!

This retreat will take place in Lynton (North Devon) from SATURDAY 12TH OCTOBER to THURSDAY 17TH OCTOBER.

Guests also have the opportunity to arrive a day earlier (Friday 11th October) and take part in a pre-retreat protein smoothie booster (absolutely optional!) to get settled in, explore the area, and relax before it all begins.


Studies clearly show that most weight loss attempts are short-lived and result in a steady weight regain (the dreaded ‘yoyo’) back to their original body fat ‘set point’ (and people often regain even more weight)

Undoubtedly, maintaining fat loss in today’s world, particularly for the average person balancing the demands of work, family, and social commitments, often feels like a losing battle. When you consider additional factors such as aging, hormonal changes, and injuries, it’s clear why many people feel utterly defeated in their pursuit of the health and body they desire.

Does this mean you should abandon your weight loss efforts and accept low body confidence and the inevitable metabolic risks associated with excess body fat?

Of course not!

Sust! Health Retreats have created this 5-night ‘Fat Loss Kickstarter’ retreat to FINALLY empower you on your journey towards sustainable fat loss.

Our Sust!ainable Fat Loss Method utilises a multifaceted approach to fat loss by integrating the most effective, researched-backed diet, exercise, and lifestyle strategies.

Alongside this, we offer over 8 hours of educational and motivational talks to enhance your understanding of the different causes and effects of excess body fat, and the underlying reasons why most weight loss approaches fail.

We provide practical, achievable, and sustainable diet and lifestyle adjustments designed to work in harmony with your biology and transform your body composition over time according to your unique situation and preferences.

During your stay with us, will you will not only experience a phenomenal boost in your energy level and mood with our nourishing fat-loss menu and invigorating retreat programme, but we will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to measure, track and monitor your progress so that you can continue your journey at home with minimal time investment and expense. 

We believe that our retreat-based, holistic approach to sustainable fat loss set us apart from other weight loss plans and restrictive diets, and we are really excited to share our method with you! 

Please read on to understand WHAT TO EXPECT during your retreat with us and to understand the Sust!ainable Fat Loss Method in a bit more depth 🙂


1) A Nutrient-dense menu designed for Fat Loss

The basic laws of thermodynamics states that fat loss requires an overall energy deficit so that the body is forced to burn stored energy. However, contrary to what you might expect, the Sust! Health Retreats Fat Loss Menu is not about restriction. Forced restriction works against your biology and leads to fatigue, hunger and metabolic slow-down. Instead, we take the science-backed, dietary approach that optimises dietary protein for fat loss by triggering muscle protein synthesis (building new muscle tissue)

Optimising dietary protein is the cornerstone of ideal body composition and sustainable fat loss, which is why you will learn so much about it here at Sust! Health Retreats! 

The Sust!ainable Fat Loss menu has also been designed to optimise vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (micronutrients) This is why a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet sourced organically and sustainably from both plant and animal kingdoms form the mainstay of the Sust menu.

You can expect to enjoy plentiful and nourishing foods high in protein, nutrients and fibre such as seafood, lean meat, organ meat, eggs, legumes, vegetables and fruits. At Sust Health Retreats, there is a strong focus on simplicity and quality. Guests can expect two meals a day and an afternoon smoothie. 

*NB* we also offer a pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan menu.

2) Resistance Training

Resistance training is a non-negotiable when it comes to body composition changes. At Sust! Health Retreats we are a HUGE fan of resistance bands to achieve this goal as they are incredibly versatile, joint-friendly, and are ideal for home work-outs.

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to participate in daily resistance-band workouts targeting different muscle groups and functional movement patterns. All work-outs are to music and are short, punchy and fun!   

3) Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is an eating practice that alternates between periods of eating and fasting. Fasting is an effective tool for managing energy balance, promoting fat-burning, and improving insulin sensitivity.  At Sust! Health Retreats, we’re excited to offer a daily Intermittent Fasting routine that is not only achievable and sustainable but also incredibly enjoyable! We can’t wait to show you how to incorporate this powerful tool into your own fat loss journeys moving forwards.

4) Trampoline HIIT!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a highly beneficial form of cardio training that encourages fat-loss by increasing energy output and post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). At Sust! Health Retreats, we create our HIIT workouts on the mini-trampolines to cushion and protect the joints and ensure minimal injury risk. Did we mention that it is also brilliant fun?! There will be multiple sessions of trampoline HIIT during your stay with us so you can experience the benefits for yourself 😉  

5) Hiking

Research clearly demonstrates the numerous benefits of walking, which extend beyond fat loss to include overall health and well-being. Nature hiking is right at the heart of Sust! Health Retreats and the North Devon coast is celebrated as a hikers paradise! The untamed magnificence of Exmoor National park stands alone and the panoramic vistas along the rugged coastal trails are nothing short of breath-taking.

For two hours every day, you will have the opportunity to participate in an organised hike that range in length from 3 to 6 miles. 

6) Cold Water Immersion

Cold Water Immersion (CWI) is widely celebrated for its ability to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, aid recovery, enhance the immune system, boost mood, and build mental resilience. Exciting new research also suggests that Intermittent Cold Exposure (ICE) can convert white adipose tissue into more metabolically active brown fat, positively altering the metabolic and endocrine functions to support and improve metabolic health.

At Sust! Health Retreats, we are incredibly lucky to have access to pristine, local wild dipping spots. Our enthusiastic cold-water immersion coaches will guide you through the benefits and techniques of CWI, providing daily support and encouragement throughout your journey.

Get ready to feel amazing, euphoric, and invigorated as you experience the incredible power of cold water immersion!

7) Structured rest and detox-supportive therapies

Understanding and managing chronic stress, along with supporting detoxification pathways, are essential lifestyle factors for achieving sustainable fat loss.

At Sust! Health Retreats, we emphasize simple yet powerful strategies like optimal hydration, restorative yoga, structured periods of relaxation, massage, infrared sauna, and castor oil packs. We can’t wait for you to experience how amazing these practices will make you feel and enjoy the incredible benefits firsthand.

A variety of massage treatments and energy healing will be available to book during your stay.

8) Circadian Rhythm alignment

SLEEP IS KING when it comes to sustainable fat loss!! Implementing strategies to enhance sleep quality is one of the biggest tools in the tool kit for supporting successful, sustainable fat loss.

Your circadian rhythm is an internal biological clock that regulates various physiological processes over a 24-hour cycle (don’t worry- we will teach you all about it!) Sleep and circadian rhythm are intimately connected and play a crucial role in fat loss AND overall health and well-being.

The Sust! Health Retreats programme interweaves subtle but powerful environmental triggers to align your circadian rhythm, supporting optimal sleep. This alignment works wonders for your metabolic health and collaborates with your biology for effortless and sustainable fat loss.

We can’t wait to help you experience the incredible benefits of optimal sleep and circadian rhythm alignment, boosting your metabolism and enhancing your fat-loss journey!

9) Mindset


If you’re aiming to transform your body composition, it requires some level of change to your existing diet, exercise and lifestyle. Once you’ve achieved your desired body composition, sustaining your results requires integrating these changes into your everyday lifestyle.

The Sust!ainable Fat Loss Method prioritizes straightforward, attainable, and highly effective strategies in diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Our approach to fat loss is sustainable, enjoyable, and flexible, minimizing the need for constant willpower and without the need for deprivation, exhaustion, or suffering!

HOWEVER, as a rule, all change is hard at first and initially the fat loss journey can be fraught with challenges, set-backs and obstacles.

This is why our retreat includes sessions focused on goal setting and mental reframing to cultivate the right mindset to support your sustainable health and wellness goals.

10) Educational Talks and Demos

Knowledge is power and this retreat is all about empowerment. 

Prepare to elevate your understanding of fat loss to a different stratosphere!

We’ve designed a series of engaging educational talks to deepen your understanding of fat loss, making the science both relevant and practical. You’ll gain simple, actionable insights and strategies such as learning how to measure and track your body composition, that will revolutionize your journey toward sustainable fat loss.

We’ll even have some fun in the kitchen! Learn how to make our delicious, fat loss treats like loaded protein smoothies, protein puddings, and lean ice cream.

Get ready to ignite your passion for health and nutrition as we teach you how to crack the code and achieve your goal body composition in a fun and enjoyable way!

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat especially caters for people who are interested in learning and empowering themselves to lose body fat in a healthy and sustainable way.

This Sustainable fat loss retreat is an energising, comprehensive mind and body reboot! Our goal is to set you on your unique path to achieving your ideal body composition. It is for people who are aware that sustainable fat loss is not a quick fix and requires a long-term approach.

The Sust! Venue

Nestled in the exquisite West Lyn Valley in Exmoor, Sust! Health Retreats began as a charming boutique guesthouse, which we have transformed into a quirky, ideal retreat venue. 

If you appreciate nature and tranquility, you’ll be enchanted by the morning birdsong, captivating valley views, and the soothing sound of the River Lyn rushing down the valley.

The property holds a 5 star rating on Air B&B and features five luxury ensuite rooms. Its strategic location provides easy access to prominent attractions like the Valley of Rocks, Watersmeet, and the South West Coast Path. The quaint village of Lynton is a 10-minute stroll away along a pleasant, wooded track. 

During your allocated downtime, you can relax in our comfortable and cozy lounge, or indulge in our onsite hot tub and Infra-red sauna, making your stay truly rejuvenating.

Included in your retreat…

  • 5 nights’ luxury ensuite accommodation
  • Daily guided hikes in Exmoor National Park
  • 2 x three-course meals a day using high quality, ethically sourced produce from trusted suppliers.
  • 1 x protein smoothie a day
  • Daily resistance training with Natalie
  • Daily HIIT and rebounding with Natalie
  • Daily yoga stretch with Natalie
  • Mid week restorative yoga class with Natalie
  • Daily talks with Natalie
  • Cold Dipping Immersion talk and 1 x practical session per day in the river or sea
  • Unlimited use of onsite facilities
  • Free parking and wifi

**Optional extra night- arrive a day earlier on Friday 11th October and enjoy a 24 hour PROTEIN SMOOTHIE BOOSTER!**

Guests are invited to arrive on Friday 11th (a day before the retreat begins) to get settled in, explore the area, and relax before the program begins. This is especially helpful if you have a long journey.

Arrivals are from 4pm on Friday 11th October and the cost of an additional night is £95 per person. This includes use of the facilities and unlimited tea and coffee.

While we are unable to serve food for early arrivals, we do offer an optional 24-hour ‘protein smoothie booster.’ This consists of three delicious protein smoothies, perfect for those who find this a helpful and enjoyable way to give their digestive system a break and would prefer not to have to eat out.

**Please note, this is not part of the fat loss retreat program and has no impact on your long-term body composition! **

The cost of the Protein Smoothie Booster is £45 per person and includes 3 large organic smoothies containing 25g of protein and made with a variety of protein powders, fruits, vegetables, and homemade nut and seed milks.

For guests who prefer to arrive early but not participate in the smoothie plan, we can recommend local restaurants and cafes in the surrounding area!

Example daily programme

  • 8-10am Morning hike and river dip
  • 10.30: Breakfast
  • 11.30-12.30: Talk
  • 1-2.30pm: Resistance training, HIIT, and yoga stretch
  • 3pm: Protein smoothie
  • 3-5pm: Sauna, rest, massages
  • 5.30pm: Dinner
  • 6.30-7pm: After dinner sunset stroll
  • 7.30-8.30pm: Talk


Travel direct in your own car and park in the onsite carpark. If you prefer to take the train, Lynton is a 40 minute taxi ride from Barnstaple Station, or 75 minute taxi ride from Tiverton Parkway. We do our best to connect guests travelling by train to facilitate taxi-sharing.


1) SUST RETREATS- twin ensuite 1 -SOLD OUT

£875 to share/ £1590 single occupancy

This beautiful room on the top floor has a spacious en-suite with bath and walk-in shower, and beautiful views over Lynton and Exmoor. This can be a twin room or a king.

2) SUST RETREATS- twin ensuite 2- SOLD OUT

£875 to share/ £1590 single occupancy

This elegant twin or king room on first floor has a spacious en-suite with walk-in shower, a balcony, and beautiful views over Lynton and Exmoor. 

3) SUST RETREATS- twin ensuite 3 SOLD OUT

£875 to share/ £1590 single occupancy

This beautiful twin or king room on first floor has a spacious en-suite with walk-in shower and beautiful views over Lynton and Exmoor. 

4) SUST RETREATS -twin ensuite 4 SOLD OUT

£875 to share/ £1590 single occupancy

Beautifully appointed twin or king room on first floor with comfortable, brand new twin beds and en-suite shower room. 

5) SUST RETREATS- small double SOLD OUT

£575 to share/ £995 single occupancy-AVAILABLE

This cosy room on the top floor has an ensuite shower room and a comfortable double bed. It is best taken as single occupancy, but is also suitable for a couple.


£575 to share/ £995 single occupancy

Lynbridge House is an elegant and roomy apartment, conveniently located a brief stroll from Woodlands Guesthouse, and boasts stunning views of the Lyn Valley. This comfortable double bedroom has a spacious en-suite and a luxurious king-size bed.


£825 to share/ £1530 single occupancy

Lynbridge House is an elegant and roomy apartment, conveniently located a brief stroll from Woodlands Guesthouse, and boasts stunning views of the Lyn Valley. 

This comfortable twin bedroom features two high quality single beds and has sole use of a large, contemporary bathroom with a bath and shower over.

Your hosts…

Natalie 🙂

Natalie is a yoga, Pilates, and fitness instructor based in North Devon and the founder of Sust! Health Retreats. With an extensive career in the health retreat industry, she founded Sust! Health Retreats in 2018 with the aim of creating unique and transformative retreat programs within Exmoor National Park.

Influenced by Indigenous cultures from an early age, and recognizing the connection between their bond with the natural environment and their remarkable health and vitality, Natalie pursued a university degree in Anthropology. She incorporates this knowledge into her retreat programs, placing Nature at the heart of the experience.

With a background in dance and trained in Pilates, yoga, fitness, and health coaching, Natalie has spent 15 years managing and teaching at various weight loss, health and detox retreats worldwide. Her experience in the health retreat industry, combined with working with private clients, has given her deeper understanding of the hormonal, neurological and environmental factors that converge to cause poor metabolic health, muscle loss, and the unfavourable accumulation of fat. 

More importantly, she has gained valuable insights into the most effective diet, lifestyle, and mindset strategies for empowering people to achieve a healthier body composition. She is thrilled to share this knowledge with you in the ‘Sustainable Fat Loss Retreat,’ a fusion of her passions for fitness, anthropology, and functional medicine. This is her most comprehensive and exciting retreat program to date!

Lesley 🙂

Lesley is an experienced fitness instructor with 45 years of experience. Her passion for fitness and wellness paved the way for a full-time career as a personal trainer and remedial sports massage therapist, and even earned her the title of ‘personal trainer to the stars’! During this time, Lesley also established a successful line dancing business, showcasing her versatility in the fitness world.

Since moving to Exmoor in 2015, Lesley has continued to pursue her passion for group fitness by teaching local classes, offering massage therapy, and leading cold water immersion sessions.

Her enthusiasm for cold water immersion has lead her to research deeply into the topic and she enjoys sharing this knowledge and personally coaching small groups in and around Exmoor National Park at her favourite wild swim spots.

Her commitment to fitness and wellness remains as vibrant as ever, making her a beloved and inspiring figure in the Sust! Health community.

Steve 🙂

Steve has a lifelong passion for food, cooking, and sharing his culinary creations in social settings! Alongside his careers in other fields, Steve has continually pursued his love for cooking, both as an amateur and in professional settings.

Since moving to Exmoor to set up a bed and breakfast, Steve’s culinary skills quickly gained a reputation. It wasn’t long before he launched successful pop-up dining events. One of his highlights is the annual Burns Night, where he prepares a three-course menu for over 100 people.

Steve has been the main chef for Sust! Health Retreats since the beginning, bringing his wisdom, artistic flair, and fun approach to every dish. He is deeply involved in the pre-cooking process, ensuring everything is made from scratch, from broths and soups to stews and sausage patties. 

Steve’s love for singing adds a unique and entertaining touch to the Sust! kitchen, proving that health food does not have to be boring!

Beth 🙂

Beth is a talented chef and caterer with extensive experience catering various health retreats in North Devon. As a mum of two young boys, she is deeply interested in foods that promote healing and health.

Managing her own type 1 diabetes, Beth has gained valuable insight into metabolic health and the importance of foods and cooking techniques that support blood sugar and overall metabolic wellness. Her expertise in this area makes her an invaluable part of the Sust! Health Retreats team.

Beth brings a calm energy to the kitchen, along with a keen knowledge of flavours, herbs, and presentation. Her dedication to creating delicious, health-promoting meals ensures a delightful dining experience for all retreat participants.

Sami 🙂

Sami is the owner of the successful massage business, Hope Holistic Therapies, specialising in women’s wellness. She offers a range of treatments including aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage, energy healing, and menopause massage. With a holistic approach to all her treatments, Sami addresses the unique needs of her clients.

Understanding that high stress, tension, and toxicity are major factors in fat gain, especially for those over 40, Sami provides treatments that ease tension in the body and relax and calm the mind. As part of your Sustainable Fat Loss Retreat, let Sami help you unwind and rejuvenate, paving the way for a healthier, more balanced you.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce our ‘5-night Sustainable Fat-Loss retreat,’ designed to turbocharge your mind and body and propel you onto an exhilarating journey towards a healthy body composition.

This retreat is suitable for both men and women and caters for all fitness levels. It really is the ultimate launchpad for achieving transformative diet and lifestyle shifts that will positively impact your life forever!

Join us!