“Change happens through movement and movement heals”
Joseph Pilates

Nature hiking

“The hikes were  mind blowing! Stunning scenery…I pushed myself but it was well worth it” ”

  • Sust! specialises in rediscovering stunning coastal, river, woodland and moorland hikes in some of the most pristine, unspoilt countryside on the planet.

  • Explore the stunning scenery within Exmoor National Park

  • Join us on these well-trodden ancient trails ... reinvigorate your body and experience profound mental peace as you reconnect with Nature.

  • “Nature always wears the colours of the spirit”


“I used muscles I didn't know existed! I loved the strength training and want to continue getting stronger at home”

  • Strength training is the missing link in weight loss and a unique part of the Sust! retreat experience.

  • Our resistance training workouts are designed to be enjoyable, doable and effective for both men and women.


“I struggle with low back pain, so I found the Pilates really helpful and I remembered to engage my core muscles whilst hiking”

  • At Sust! we recognise the importance of building a strong inner body with basic Pilates training techniques to develop and strengthen the postural muscles.

  • Our classes, suitable for all levels, focus on finding the delicate balance between mobility and stability to protect and strengthen your joints, so you can move with ease and freedom.

“Developing minor muscles naturally helps to strengthen major muscles”

Joseph Pilates

Get healthy ... get sust!

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